The Power of Giving

Thursday, November 12th, 2020

Giving is powerful! When you give to others, research shows you are more likely to reduce your stress levels, improve your mood and boost your social connections.

Easy Ways to Give: The following apps make it easy to support your favorite charity or cause.

   ***COIN UP: Rounds up your credit/debit purchase and donates the extra change ti a cause of your choice.

***CHARITY MILES: Together with corporate partners, donates a small amount of money for each mile you run, walk, or bike.

 ***GIVE TIDE: Allows you to automate your donation to charity.

Make It A Match– Got a favorite cause? Determine how much you can give, divide that amount in 1/2 and let your friends know you will match all donations up to that amount. Post on social media, explaining why you’re raising the money and how your friends can help.

Volunteer- Pick your passion, match it to your skills and make it a part of the routine! For example, if you’re into animals and photography, help the local animal shelter with their advertising.

People who volunteer often experience improvements to their mental health and more satisfaction with their lives.



–Studies show people are happier when they spend money on a gift for others instead of one for themselves.

–When you give to others, your brain responds as though you were the one who received the gift! The endorphins you feel can be compared to a runner’s high or chowing down on your favorite food.

–Positive feelings associated with giving stick around for about two hours. Not only will you want to give more, but the person who receives your gift is also inspired to give.



What do all of the most successful people have in common? They’re givers! Here are some things you can freely do for others to help give your way to greatness.

  • TIME: Find what you value, and prioritize your day around that. Be present, and focus on the current conversation instead of thinking into the future.
  • ENERGY: Adopt a positive mindset and attitude., communicate that to others. You’ll inspire them to do the same.
  • SMILE: Even if your day hasn’t been great. giving a genuine smile to those you meet can bring happiness to others!
  • PATIENCE: This helps you slow down, empathize and show the recipient grace. When you find yourself struggling here, take a few breaths and count to 10 to gain some new perspective.
  • COMPLIMENTS: There’s nothing like an authentic compliment! When you compliment someone, tell them why you like that particular thing and ask a question about it to sow your interest.

I’M THANKFUL FOR YOU! If there is anything I can do to better serve your family during the holiday season, give me a call.