Easy Kitchen Updates that Pack a Big Visual Punch

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Given homeowners’ current obsession with their kitchens, it’s no wonder  they’re looking for easy ways to get a visual bang for their buck. If you’re  planning on giving your kitchen a makeover, here are a few simple ideas for  refreshing it without breaking the bank.

1. Update cabinet doors with a new finish or coat of paint. Cabinet refinishing is a great way to change the color and/or the  finish of your kitchen cabinet doors. Wood-stained cabinet doors typically  convey a traditional style, however, that same stain with a high-gloss finish  applied gives them a sleek, contemporary style with a definite wow-factor. Using  paint and new hardware to update your existing kitchen cabinet doors instead of  buying new ones will save you hundreds of dollars.

2. Remove cabinet doors. The easiest way change the look of  your kitchen cabinets is to remove the doors altogether. Just make sure the  contents are view-worthy (no one wants to see your ugliest dish collection) and  fill in the holes left by the hinges with wood putty.

3. Replace solid cabinet doors with glass doors. Another way  to update your kitchen is to replace the upper cabinet doors with glass doors.  Now, if baring it all is too much for you to handle, try replacing the upper  cabinet doors with frosted glass doors. The frosted glass will help conceal the  contents of your cabinets while giving them a refreshed, contemporary style.

4. Install a new backsplash. Think of your backsplash as  visual eye candy.  Make it a focal point of your kitchen to create drama — in a good way.

5. Install new cabinet hardware. If you’re tired of looking  at your same old kitchen cabinet doors and want a new look without replacing  them, simply change the hardware on your doors. If your current knobs or drawer  pulls are out of style, try something more contemporary or modern. You’ll be  amazed at the difference this change will make in the overall appearance of your  cabinets.

6. Update appliances. Nothing says ‘dated’ like old  appliances. If you’re not in a position to buy new ones, try repainting them or  repaneling them so they look more like your cabinetry.  On the other hand,  if you can afford to buy new ones, stainless steel appliances will give your  kitchen an instant update.

Still not sure which small and easy updates you want to make to your kitchen?  Search online for images of kitchen cabinet colors, finishes, hardware and  appliances that inspire or excite you. If you do decide to repaint or refinish  your cabinets, don’t forget to sand and prime the cabinets first for best  results.

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